We are not limited to what you see on this site. If you have a photo or a link to quilting that you like, send it along! Some of my customers have very specific requests. Others often leave the choices to me. Please do not hesitate to contact me ahead of time to discuss your project. I would be happy to offer advice and suggestions.

Option 1: Edge-to-edge Freehand

The design is applied freehand over the entire quilt, and does not depend on the underlying piecing. Size and density can be adjusted to suit your project. Images can be recognizable, or stylized. Examples:

Double Loops
Water Stipple
Hearts and Loops

Prices depend upon the density of the design, and range from 1¢ to 2¢ per square inch.

Option 2: Pantographs

Pantograph designs (these are also edge-to-edge designs) are all-over patterns applied by hand-guiding the machine from side to side, following pre-printed patterns or templates. Most designs undulate and interlock and will not look like "rows" on the finished quilt. I purchase pantographs from longarm suppliers or individual artists. The possibilities are endless.

Below left I am working at the rear of the machine using a pantograph. The arrow points to the laser dot which helps me follow the pattern. Below right is Pam's finished quilt.

Click here to see my current collection of pantograph patterns.

I am willing to consider purchasing others if you have a specific request. Price per square inch ranges from 1¼ ¢ to 2½ ¢.


Option 3: Custom

This is my favorite thing to do! Custom work is based on the underlying piecing, usually with separate block and border treatment. Price per square inch starts at 2½ ¢. Here are some samples and comments:

This 1930's quilt top, found in an antiques store, is finally finished!.
Rodger's first quilt just needed "stitching in the ditch" and some simple embellishments..
Appliqued borders have been embellished with stitching.
Another nice border.

Funky feathers.

T-shirt quilt - slightly jazzed up.

Option 4: Miscellaneous Services

  • Basting in preparation for hand quilting - Yes, I do that! Fee is ¾¢ per square inch.
  • Completing UFO's (unfinished objects) - I do that, too! Customers sometimes ask me to finish piecing or to assemble quilt blocks that they have discovered at auctions or in Grandmother's attic. I charge an hourly rate ($20/hour) for this service, and would always want to discuss such a project with the customer first. Please feel free to call or email me.
  • T-shirt quilts - These can present special problems. I quilt these only if the fabric has been stabilized with iron-on interfacing, and will use a simple stitching pattern.
  • Please note: I do not offer hand quilting or appliqué services.

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